Our Approach

What is Dead Horse?

Dead Horse Studios is a technical solutions agency comprised of specialized Strategy Consultants and Solution Architects.

Deployed over a wide variety of verticals, Dead Horse is always seeking to tackle new challenges with precision to deliver an award-winning experience.

Our Core

  • DEVELOPING CUSTOM SOFTWARE solutions for licensing, internal production, or new research.
  • CONSULTING on behalf of organizations or individuals on corporate structuring, brokering, startup investments, technical testing and compliance.
  • CONTRACTING SOLUTIONS on behalf of government organizations and providing technical solutions through our contracting vehicles.
  • MARKETING SOLUTIONS across all mediums both online and off for developing a new brand or supporting existing efforts.
  • TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION supporting clients with internal or external scaleable teams to support large scale project development.
  • BRAND DEVELOPMENT ensuring concept, positioning, structuring, and if needed, appropriate networking is supported and present at launch.

Past Performance.

Custom Software

Web. Application. Inventory Management. A.I. Data Modeling. SaaS. AR/VR. Microservices.


Digital. Collateral. Direct. Partnership Development. Influencer. Content. Video. Media.


Brokerage. Evaluation. Structuring. Governance. Compliance. Sourcing. Technical Architecture. Vertical Integration. Operations.

Brand Development

Social. Luxury. Financial. Ecommerce. Real Estate. Travel. Auto. Media. Fitness. Fashion. Tech. Food and Beverage.

Technical Implementation

Teams up to 140+ can be deployed on behalf of a client. Experience: 2-12 years per member.


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Business FIRST.

We have found across all levels of commerce that problems often occur early in the development process, specifically in the choice of platform or supporting technology. The reason is simple. Software vendors and vendor partners are incentivized to suggest their technology or platform, sometimes in disregard of its future expandability or immediate usefulness. It can be difficult for even a savvy client to sort the relevant information from the unspoken.

Dead Horse is an agency with a wide range of technical competencies. We add value by representing our clients' interests regardless of technical barriers or implementations. We ensure you get your solution - not someone else's.

We firmly believe business goals should decide technical implementations - not the other way around.

Our Methodology.

We are collaborative and highly communicative.

We work to understand your business and its needs in order to balance the art of the possible with the reality of economic considerations. We seek to develop solutions that are reliable and capture the business concerns and objectives set forth by you.


We begin with a restatement of the problem and work together to identify goals.


Following a research period, we provide a solution for client feedback and review.


We get to work. Clients may choose their level of involvement from daily updates to monthly high level reports.

We Work With.

  • CORPORATE to provide large scale teams for internal development. Build new comprehensive technologies to support new practices. Design and implement market tests.
  • SMB'S to develop platform, branding, design and marketing deliverables.
  • ENTREPRENEURS by consulting, concepting, testing, researching and developing new startups. Operational assessment and review. Rapidly deploy point solutions.
  • BRAND MANAGERS by acting as implementation support and/or strategists in order to develop B2B and B2C solutions.
  • INVESTORS as a trusted developer and consultant.

Our Team.

Dead Horse provides experienced business and technology professionals with cross industry and multidisciplinary experience. Your project team can be small, or scaled-up to include front-end/back-end developers, marketers, project managers and consultants.

Every client is assigned to a Managing Partner who will lead you through your engagement. Once a solution is designed, that same partner will hand pick staff in order to fulfill your implementation.

Each partner is accountable for your success.

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